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Investments Videos

If you are investing or saving and want your money to be working for you as best it can AND you want to gear this towards doing social good, then you can adopt a Socially Responsible Investing approach. This is where you gear your investing strategy to ensuring the underlying funds are allocated to areas which either positively contribute to society or avoid areas that are deemed "negative". This short video explains more.

If you are investing to generate an income, then you need to think about some key factors. The challenge with income investing is that risks can be different than when investing for growth. Likewise, you will want to think about tax efficiency and ensuring your income is 'efficient' and is coming from the best mix possible. This is a video that explains this subject more fully and brings the topic to life. It provides a series of points that should be built into any decisions about where you invest your money to meet this objective.

How do you decide where to allocate your money within an investment portfolio? It may seem an innocuous question, but the answer is crucial to how well your portfolio performs in the future. And you have many options. The option that has been shown to provide an efficient way forward, some would argue the most efficient, is to pursue an asset allocation strategy. This is a video which details how this works, why it works, and how you can pursue this with your own portfolio. Asset allocation is inherently tied into the merits of diversification and the animation reveals how these two aspects connect and work together.

The idea of optimising the return you receive from an Investment Portfolio is an important one for investors to understand. Optimising means getting the best possible return from any given level of portfolio risk. In order to achieve this, investors need to be wary of not letting their investment portfolio get unbalanced, for example, because of one area of the portfolio booming, whilst another area dives. Rebalancing is the art of keeping a portfolio in a state of optimum risk/reward, and the concept is drawn out in this informative video. It highlights why this is important, how investors should approach this and the ways rebalancing can be brought into any investment strategy.

This page is for information purposes only and should not be used to make investment decisions


When you are taking income from an investment portfolio, for example from a pension in retirement, you have to be mindful of a little known risk. But a very real risk. This is called the sequence of returns risk. This is where the order of the returns generated can make a big difference to the portfolio value. It is an odd concept, but when you see it drawn out, as it is within this video, it makes perfect sense. And once understood, it can be managed, as you can take steps to avoid the perils of a bad sequence of returns.

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