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About Us

Established in 1991, Index Financial Services Ltd is a firm of independent financial and mortgage advisors dedicated to guiding you through some of the most important decisions of your life, from purchasing a first property to saving for retirement. We are also specialists in helping you to build wealth and, more importantly, to keep it.

At Index Financial Services Ltd, we are committed to keeping our knowledge constantly updated so we can provide you with the most suitable advice, and we always embrace new methods and technologies to make the journey through your financial planning simpler and quicker. We also pride ourselves on our friendly and warm approach, preferring to spend quality time with you, wherever you are situated, in order to understand deeply your personal needs and tailor our service to you accordingly.

This personalised approach to our work is why over 2,500 clients have chosen to trust us with their financial decisions, and we will be happy to discuss anything we can do for you too.

Meet the Team


Emmanouel Kontis


Sarah McEleavey


Greg Simmons


Steven Savvas


Antonios Evangeli


Demetrios Christodoulou


Brandon McEleavey

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