General Insurance Guide

The following text is designed to give you a basic understanding of some of the General Insurance products we offer. Information correct as of June 2020.

Types of General Insurance Products


We can provide advice on the following: 

  • Buildings and Contents Insurance  

  • Landlord and Portfolio Insurance 

  • Unoccupied & Development Insurance 

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance 

  • And Many More… 

Residential, Let Property & Commercial Property - Buildings & Contents Insurance 

This is the most common type of insurance that we provide at Index. Whether you are purchasing or already have a property you currently live in or let out, you will need buildings insurance to cover any accidental or environmental damage to your properties.  

In addition, it may also interest you to cover your belongings in case of accidental damage or theft. This can be everything in your home (i.e. furniture) or any valued belongings (i.e. weddings rings, watches etc).  

In addition to residential unit insurance policies, we can also assist with your commercial property insurance needs. Whether you need insurance for your office, shop, hotel or pub, we have a specialist panel. 

Landlords & Portfolio Insurance 

Have a portfolio of properties? This insurance policy offers all the cover you need from loss of rent to buildings cover. This insurance product offers all the cover portfolio landlords need. 

  • Buildings Insurance – this, as mentioned above, covers the building in case of accidental or environmental damage 

  • Landlords Contents – this, as mentioned above, is perfect for landlords who are letting furnished properties to cover any damage caused by the tenants 

  • Loss of Rent – Should one of your properties become uninhabitable due to accidental or environmental damage, meaning the tenants are unable to pay their rent. This part of the policy will help with the required mortgage payments that will no longer have rental income from tenants to support. 

  • Property Owners Liability – If you have a portfolio you may hire staff to help with the management and maintenance of your portfolio. This will cover any negligence relating to any maintenance to the property and damage or injury to the tenant or their belongings. 

Depending on the size and type of properties in your portfolio and how your portfolio is run will determine the features you need in your policy. Many insurers are trying to break new grounds and offer new and inventive features. If you have any specific requirement we can look to see if a policy or feature will fit your needs. 

Unoccupied & Development Insurance 

If you are extending or refurbishing your property or the property will be vacant it is highly recommended that you have cover to protect anything that may go wrong. This type of policy typically covers materials left on-site (if your refurbishing the property) or the contents of the property. As with every insurance policy, each policy will be different depending on your specific circumstances. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance 

Professional Indemnity Insurance, commonly known as PI Insurance is a very important business insurance if you are providing advice, providing a professional service, handling data or intellectual property. This type of insurance is used for protecting your business from situations where a client loses money due to your negligent advice/practices. Mistakes happen and the consequences could be very costly, and PI Insurance will help to cover any legal fees and compensation payments if a client loses money and a complaint is made. PI insurance is available for a vast range of different types of businesses and we are here to help identify if you need PI Insurance and provide recommendations to suitable cover. Please contact us for more information. 


Every insurance policy will be different depending on personal needs, location and various other factors. If you are interested in obtaining a quote, all factors will all be discussed before we provide any recommendations. We can offer many more insurance policies other than those mentioned above. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

This is for information purposes only and should not be used to apply for any insurance policy or product.


For more information, you can read our General Insurance Advice Guide


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